A waterproof bag specially designed for the Packman harness. Comes in 7, 9 and 14 liters capacity.

A waterproof bag specially developed for the Packman harness. The roll closure on both sides makes packing and unpacking easier. Completely water proof thanks to the TPU layer and the HF welding technology. Slippery coating on the inside (for easy packing) and abrasion resistant on the outside, for extra toughness. Three formats available: 7l (with a small diameter, works best for straight handlebars and limited tyre clearance); 9l (shorter and thicker, works best for drop bars) and 14l (when extra capacity is needed).

Tech specs
Fabric: TPU nylon / Webbing: nylon, 25mm / Buckles: ITW Nexus® / Diameter: 7l: 140mm, 9l: 175mm, 14l: 175mm / Length: 7l: 660mm, 9l: 660mm, 14l: 880mm / Capacity: 7l, 9l, 14l
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Slippery coating on the inside to make packing easy. Abrasion Resistant coating on the outside for durability. That's just how good this is.

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