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We are all in a pressure cooker. Except it sounds better in French.

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Tick-tock: The team at Dreamer Cycling is embracing pressure right now, as we are literally weeks away from flipping the switch on our website and introducing to the world some of the coolest independent brands in adventure cycling. As we approach go day, we need your help and we have some prizes to be won!

Cocotte minute: Our friend Alvaro - slow cyclist, happy camper and eager cook - is seeking to release some pressure by riding forest and beach. He graces us with a beautiful riding story that embodies the spirit of Dreamer and makes a mental note not to let pressure build up again.

We are weeks away from launch
What happens, and how you can help
We have been building Dreamer for some time now, and admittedly things have been mysterious. Not for much longer: we are literally weeks away from flipping the switch and unveil a new website - weeks away!

Dreamercycling.cc will continue to share stories and inspiration. Next to this, it will also become a boutique for anyone who wants to get on a bike and explore nature.

The assortment will be small at first, and grow in time. Every product featured has been hand-picked and tested: it's the stuff we ride in daily and are so excited to share with you. Every item comes from independents: brands, makers and shops that we have personally met and want to support.

Cycling is community, and if you receive this you were here from the start. As a thank you, on launch day we will draw some prizes for our community: DERE mugs and other equipment which is still top secret.

We also want to grow this community and WE NEED YOUR HELP: if you enjoy this, please forward to anyone who might enjoy it too. Thank you!

Quick fixes and pressure releases
(a cycling story by our friend Alvaro)

- Cocotte Minutte: (Noun) 1. A pressure Cooker (Cooking vessel).
- Find and ride Alvaro's route here.

You know the problem, and you know the solution. Go ride your bike. It’s good for you. It’s the quickest of fixes and one I will constantly put off by overcomplicating it. A self defeating yearning for yonder that results in more doom-scrolling than pedalling.

Adventure biking is traversing Patagonia, for sure. It can also be finding a local path and making some coffee.You just need to drop everything and ride. And so I headed for the Schoorlse Duinen, the dunes in North Holland.

Not before learning something about suspension systems in bicycles. A year ago I had back surgery to deal with a herniated disc. After more physical therapy than I care to elaborate on, and with my exceptional physiotherapist’s help, I found my way back onto the saddle. I soon realised a suspension seat post would be a valuable safeguard.

Said seat post needs to be pumped up to a very high pressure regularly. Driven by my sometimes misplaced bias for action I tried to pump it with everything at my disposal. Floor pump? No good. Hand pump? Nossir. Turns out you cannot pump it up using a car garage air compressor either – You’ll blow the suspension’s air seals off!

Shout out to Leonardo, the friendly Chilean mechanic at Vakantiefietser who gently scolded me and saved the day a few attempts later. You need a tiny little special pump that delivers high pressure and low volume air, ever so carefully. He also sent me off with two new handmade snack bags!

Off finally to the Dutch dunes, only a short train ride away in the excellent Dutch Railway, I planned a day trip that included trails, beaches, and plenty of tracks. The green mean rigid adventure machine delivered smiles.

This route will take you through a technical MTB trail – be aware you will share it with riders flying by – some dune climbing and finally a long stretch of beach riding. Aim for a low tide and favourable wind if you can. If you have never ridden on a beach, you are looking for the hard packed sand that surfaces as the water recedes. A peanut butter, cheese and chilli crisp sandwich, coffee, and ice-cream did the rest. You can even take shelter from the wind in between the dunes for a nap in the sun.

So easy, I should not let the pressure in my life build up before I go ride my bike. Like a pressure cooker, it’s good to have safety valves. Even better is to let things simmer without building up till you hear the warning whistle.


That's it for this blog post.
Much love, Dream(er) team

STRESSED OUT from Elara on Vimeo.

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